July 2019 – Les Wilson

Les Wilson is a life long hobbyist and one of the founding partners of Cobalt Aquatics, overseeing Marketing, Product Development, and Sourcing. In Cobalt’s first 6 short years, Les’s projects at Cobalt have redefined fish nutrition category with the Cobalt Probiotic flakes, and have won numerous industry awards for their innovative products like the Neo-Therm heaters, and CA Mysis frozen foods. He also brought Fishgeek level products like the Egg Rockers and Original MJ powerheads to the US hobby. Prior to founding Cobalt, Les spent 17 years with United Pet Group aquatics as an aquatic biologist and Director of Marketing for the Equipment and Consumables group, responsible for the Marineland, Tetra, Instant Ocean, and Jungle brands and private label projects in those categories. Les personally spearheaded many of the projects you know today, including his favorites Marineland’s LED lighting, Bio-Spira Nitrifying bacteria, Corner flow tanks, and the Deep dimension aquariums. Les has also served 3 terms on the World Pet Association (WPA) Board of Directors and chaired the Aquatics Committee and was the founding chairman of WPA’s Aquatic Experience show in Chicago. Les is currently serving on the Marine Aquarium Society of North America (MASNA) show committee, which manages the annual MACNA show and conference. Les regularly speaks on fish related topics at hobbyist clubs and associations around the country and has been a featured speaker at the American Cichlid Association (ACA) annual conference, the American Liver Bearers Association (ALA) annual conference, and HH Backer Pet trade show industry expert seminars and panels. Keeping to his fishgeek roots, Les is a member of the ACA, ALA, MASNA, and Florida Fancy Guppy Association